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30-minute Total Body Rowing and Cycling Workout

Here at Stamina, we want you to get the most bang for your buck! And the Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower may just be the epitome of that philosophy. In addition to rowing and cycling, users can also perform leg presses, bicep curls and other arm exercises with the machine. Because of this machine’s utility, there’s an endless amount of workout routines – so this probably won’t be the last Conversion II workout you see on here. This is a versatile, rowing workout you can do at the gym or at home.

What you’ll need

Foremost, you’ll need a rower. Although this workout is designed for the Conversion II, modifications and alternative moves will be noted. You’ll also need some type of timer because like most of our workouts, we’re doing exercises in intervals. If your rower already has a workout timer like the Conversion II, even better! Thirdly, you’ll need dumbbells for the upper body exercises if you’re not using the Conversion II. Finally, you may want an exercise your yoga mat for the ab work and cooldown.

The workout

You have to last the entire 30 minutes for this workout to be effective. So don’t overdo it in the beginning or even the first round! Slow, proper technique will always trump fast, sloppy technique. If you’re new to rowing, you may want to glance over the Daily Burn’s advice to avoid common mistakes.

2-minute warm-up

Time to get your body moving and your muscles warm! Be sure to lower your resistance and concentrate on proper rowing technique. If you’re using the Conversion II, aim for a resistance level between one and three. We also recommend aiming for 20 to 25 strokes per minute – no matter what rower you’re using.

Round 1: Rowing and lower body

If you’re using the Conversion II, aim for a resistance level above four. But remember: You still have another round of rowing. You may want to hold back a little and go for your highest resistance in the next round.

Row for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds. Go all out! If it’s too much, reduce the resistance, not your speed. Aim for 26 o 32 strokes per minute.

leg presses
To perform leg presses on the Conversion II, secure the rowing handle onto the seat, adjust the intensity and press away.

One minute of leg presses (or squats). If you’re using the Conversion II, hook the rowing handle to the seat and set the intensity as high as you can muster. It’s time to slow it down and build some serious thigh and glute strength. If you’re using a regular rowing machine, perform squats with or without weights for this minute.

Row for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, again.

One minute of lunges. It’s time to hit the floor whether you’re using the Conversion II or not! With or without weights, perform lunges either in place (alternating) or across the floor.

Repeat everything above in the same order, then move on. Feel free to rest for a minute before moving on.

Round 2: More rowing and upper body

bicep curl
To perform bicep curls, step onto the standing plates, adjust the intensity, keep your elbows and shoulders pressed down and curl up.

Row for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds. Same thing as before, but see if you can increase the resistance without sacrificing your form.

One minute of bicep curls. If you’re using the Conversion II, step onto the standing plates, adjust to your desired intensity and begin using the rowing handle for bicep curls. If you’re working out sans Conversion II, use your dumbbells!

Row for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, again.

One minute of triceps kickbacks. To perform triceps kickbacks with the Conversion II, stand on the standing plates, lean forward with a slight bend in the knees, grab the handle with one hand and then extend that hand past your back. Switch to the other hand after 30 seconds. If you’re using dumbbells, perform the same action without the rowing handle.

Repeat another time through in the same order.

Round 3 – Cycling/Ab work

Sick of rowing? Then it’s time for cycling so that your arms can rest. If you have the Conversion II, this is an easy transition. If not, you have three options:

  1. Migrate to an upright or recumbent cycle if you have access.
  2. Perform jumping jacks in place of cycling.
  3. Jog in place or perform high knees in place of cycling.

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for one minute. If you’re cycling, perform this at a relatively high intensity.

One-minute plank (on elbows or hands). Although rowing does engage your core, planks will take the burn to the next level. You want results, right?

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for another minute.

30 second left side plank, then 30 right side plank. We can’t neglect your obliques. For more challenge, try to pulse up and down.

Repeat the sequence.

Cooldown (4 minutes)

You’re already on the ground from planks, so it’s the perfect time to cooldown! When you stretching, concentrate on your hamstrings, quads, glutes, shoulders and triceps. You may also want to lie down first to slow your breathing before you begin stretching.

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