Switch up the regular fall routine with these suggestions.

8 Fun and Functional Fall Fitness Tips

Last Friday was the first day of fall. For many, autumn is a favorite time of the year – the crisp mornings, trees changing into bright colors, cinnamon and spice in the air, and of course, Jack-o-lanterns aplenty. Another large part of the fall season is how it factors in to your physical activity. Check out these eight fall fitness tips to take advantage of the season.

1. Enjoy the cooler weather.

fall jacket

On average, temperatures begin to lower in mid-September. Take advantage of this and commit to spending some time outside doing the activities you love. Do some research online and find a nearby trail or park. Hiking, biking, running, flag football or walking your pet are all great ways to enjoy the weather and improve your fitness level.

2. But, dress warm.

fall coat

Dress in layers if the temperature drops too much. You’ll lower your chances of getting sick.

3. Find things you wouldn’t normally consider.

fall yoga

Much like the New Year, the transition into the fall season marks a time of change and growth. Perhaps you’ve wanted to try something new but haven’t gotten around to it. Now’s a great time to start. There are many exciting options for spicing up your physical activity, including tap dancing, rowing, yoga or water aerobics.

4. Stuck on a treadmill? Binge your favorite shows while running at the same time.

fall treadmill

If it’s too cold to run or spend time outside, you may feel dismayed. However, there is a solution that could upgrade your workout to a beyond-enjoyable status. If you already find yourself binge-watching shows every night, instead of doing it while sitting on the couch consider the treadmill. Running while watching makes the time pass by quickly. Best of all, you burn calories and build your heart along the way.

5. Eat a healthy harvest.

fall harvest

Fall is a great time for consuming delicious, in-season produce. Some favorites include apples, beets, brussels sprouts, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pears, pumpkins and squash.

6. Consider healthy fall snack alternatives.

fall recipes

On top of excellent produce, autumn is also the season for some great (and sugary) food. You can have the best of both worlds with little to no compromise by finding healthier recipes. To start, check out these mouth-watering recipes.

7. Figure out what motivates you.

fall motivation

If you really, truly want to make a positive change in your life, you must identify what motivates you most. Is it the pursuit of some final goal? Or, maybe it’s more of the day-to-day process that you enjoy. Either way, determining what drives your behavior is a decidedly important first step in making a change you desire.

8. Learn a new habit.

fall habit

Studies show it takes around ten weeks of repeating behavior before it becomes a habit. Start your practice every day. Soon, the behavior you want will be a part of your routine without even a second thought.

What’s your favorite fall activity? Share below!

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