Making “Healthy” a Reality Pt. III: Motivating Movements

“Uncertainty is the blank space before creation.” – Author Unknown

You are only limited by what you impose on yourself.  Therefore, the behavior of adding movement to your day and motivating yourself to become healthier need not be felt as daunting, but more as “wondering”. You should ask, “I wonder what it would be like if I tried…” To get your creative juices stirring, I’ve put together a gallery of 10 movements that might be worth forming a habit for.  Let the motivation creation begin!

1. Walking 10 minutes each day. Before breakfast and before dinner.

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Or on your breaks at work.  Studies show (1) small bouts of brisk walks throughout your day is more beneficial than one lump sum of a longer duration of movement.  Plus, walking is functional.  If we want to be free of wheel-chairs and walkers as we stroll into our 90s, we would do well to walk our socks off.

Click here for a simple strength routine!

No matter what you choose as your healthy new habit, get it in following the guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine for optimal health:

Resistance Exercise

  • Adults should train each major muscle group two or three days each week using a variety of exercises and equipment.
  • Very light or light intensity is best for older persons or previously sedentary adults starting exercise.
  • Two to four sets of each exercise will help adults improve strength and power.
  • For each exercise, 8-12 repetitions improve strength and power, 10-15 repetitions improve strength in middle-age and older persons starting exercise, and 15-20 repetitions improve muscular endurance.
  • Adults should wait at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions.

What’s your favorite form of motivating movement? Share below!





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