Quick Reads: 3 Cardio Workouts and Machines to Burn Those Calories

Cardio is an integral part of any workout routine. It helps you lose or maintain weight, especially when combined with strength training. Plus, if you are trying to increase your endurance, cardio is the way to go. To maintain a cardio regimen, there are some fantastic fitness machines on the market you can use at home.

The following are a few types of cardio machines and their benefits:
  1. Steppers. Stepper machines are excellent for burning calories and losing weight while also firming and strengthening lower-body muscles, including the legs and butt. Look for a stepper that fits your lifestyle, such as foldable or outdoor variations.
  2. Elliptical. Elliptical machines provide cardiovascular exercise and in turn build endurance. Most have handles to work the arms and help with balance, but some compact versions feature resistance-band style handles that travel well.
  3. Rowing machine. Rowing machines are more advanced and versatile than ever for many feature the benefits of rowing resistance with the cardio of a recumbent bike. A high-quality rowing machine should have a way for the user to measure their heart-rate, such as a chest strap, to assess and optimize your fitness routine.
Some other ways to get cardio in without going out include:
  • Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Mini-trampolines/joggers

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