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20-minute Modifiable Plyometric Workout for the Stamina|X Plyo Box

If you’re serious about burning fat and toning your entire body, you need to consider plyometric HIIT training. By now, you’ve probably heard of HIIT. It’s efficient, effective and challenging – but only if you do it right! With Stamina’s Adjustable Plyo Box and dedication, you’ll have the perfect tool to achieve the results you desire.

Don’t injure yourself during this workout. Only do what you feel comfortable with.

Plyometrics isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be modified to make it easier on the joints. Conversely, it can also be modified to make your workout more challenging. In the explanation, both options will be discussed. No matter which option you choose, you have to go as hard as you can for as long as you can to get the most out of the workout.

Stamina adjustable plyo box
The Stamina|X Adjustable Plyo Box has for positions to choose from, ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches.

What you need to begin

You don’t have to do this workout with the Stamina|X Adjustable Plyo Box, though it is catered to that specific piece of equipment. You’ll be able to perform this workout on a regular plyo box, a sturdy park bench or even a stair at your house. In addition to an elevated surface or plyo box, you’ll also need a timer set to go off every 20 seconds and every 10 seconds. If you don’t have a timer, Google and iPhone apps work well too!

The workout

The structure of this workout is easy. Work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat each exercise for eight rounds with a minute rest between each round.

  1. Two-minute warm-up (technically, one minute and 50 seconds)

Begin with some step-ups on the plyo box’s lowest setting (12 inches), alternating between your starting feet. For the first 30 seconds, face toward the box. For the remaining 30 seconds, perform step-ups facing away from the box. Then repeat, taking the 10 second break to adjust your box for the next exercise. Try to get your heart rate up without exhausting yourself – after all, there’s still 18 minutes left. After you’re finished, quickly transition – don’t let your body cool down.

  1. Lateral step-ups

You’ll be switching it up between various forms of lateral step-ups. In the first two rounds, perform single-leg lateral step-ups: the first round on the left side and the second round on the right side (see below). For the next two rounds, you’ll alternate every step-up (left, right, left, right). Then for the next two rounds, you’ll squat then step-up, alternating between legs. For the final two rounds, you’ll do whatever you can muster with good form.

Make it easier: Perform the step-ups on the lowest setting.

Make it harder: Perform the step-ups with hand weights, add a hop or increase the height of the plyo box.

  1. Split-squats and lateral lunges

Alright, it’s time to slow that heart rate down a little bit with some slower-paced squats and lunges. During your one-minute break, you’ll need to adjust the plyo box. The height will depend on your height and how much of a challenge you want.

Remember: don’t let your knee bend in front of your ankle. Think about going down, not forward. Even if you can’t get very low, good technique is always better than poor technique. Here’s what you’ll do (see videos below for a demonstration):

  • First round: Left leg back, split squat
  • Second round: Right leg back, split squat
  • Third round: Left leg on box, lateral squat
  • Fourth round: Right leg on box, lateral squat
  • Repeat for fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth round

Make it easier: Adjust the box to the lowest setting and slow down.

Make it harder: Perform the squats with hand weights.

  1. Burpee box jumps and upper body work

These are your final eight rounds, and they’re going to be difficult! Unless you’ve been using weights during the exercises, we’ve neglected that upper body – until now. To get the best work, you’ll need to adjust the box to 20 inches or 24 inches – unless you can’t clear those heights.

For the first, third, fifth and seventh round, you’re going to perform box jump burpees (see below). To make it easier, you can lower the box, perform the push-ups on your knees or slow it down. If you’re doing this right, you don’t need a way to make it harder.

For the second, fourth, sixth and eighth round, you can choose your fate. You can perform triceps dips, push-ups, planks or even bent over rows with dumbbells!

  1. Cool down and stretch for three or more minutes

You made it! Finally, it’s time to stretch. You’ll need to concentrate on your hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves and arms. While active stretching is excellent before and during the workout, you should perform static stretches post workout.

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